Because we have the best tools, this allows replacing the unit is a last resort option, unless it is used only at the customer’s request. Seldom is a replacement necessary. With our main goal being repair, we feel it is our job to educate the customer on exactly what was repaired along with the root cause. Doing this gives the customer overall knowledge of the condition of their equipment.

Our highly trained and skilled technicians do not benefit by selling new equipment and instead benefit by following through with the repair of your equipment. This not only allows the customer to save money but become more familiar with their equipment.


We focus, protect and serve on the customers best interest first, to save you money.

Our company is set up with high ethical values and a bonus repair Award program. We feel by replacing your equipment, is an option that we are not proud of.

We do our very best to repair them all. We offer fast friendly highly skilled service.

We stand on the Motto,
“Don’t settle, get the Best”