When given the opportunity to replace a system, we take special care in the installation of your new system. Because we specialize in and work every day to provide A/C repair services in all capacities, our customers benefit by having our team of professionals install their new equipment. We understand that this system is a major family investment, and we respect that. 


During installations, as a Premium A/C Contractor, we use only the very best equipment and installation techniques available. 

We regularly install, in such a fashion, to project a 20-year life expectancy of your new system. We recommend regular seasonal maintenance, which provides superior indoor air quality.


  • We regularly install our systems with whole house filters, which only requires replacement once a year, rather than some which may require replacement every 30 days. 
  • We plan our installations to provide superior fast drains, which also provides your home with lower humidity and better long-lasting equipment.
  • We also make good on a no air leak policy, using metal plenums and finishing the job with commercial sealant.
  • All equipment installed, are mounted on custom steel equipment stands which are positioned as high as possible. This gives you superior air distribution and makes your equipment drains, far superior to the original ones. 
  • Drains are very important to us, because that is what damages your home.
  • We back up the good work with good service, that is what makes us shine as an A/C contractor. 
  • We do not sub out our work to available subcontractors in the area. We install, using in-house technicians and every system installation is 
    not complete, until it is checked by our very best.
  • It is a privilege for us to be given the trust to install your new system. We honor this trust.