About us


A hundred years ago, when we became ill, the doctor would come see us in our home.

They could see, where we lived, how we lived and what we ate. They would prescribe us our medicine and a course of total recovery. Today, we go to the doctor at their location. All they know, is what they see in their office and what we tell them. They prescribe medications for the symptoms, not a cure. It is my job to see that your family lives in a healthy, clean air environment.

Jimmie Burleigh, Owner and Operator of Jim's Air Conditioning Heating and Electrical Service, originating in the Houston Metropolitan area.
In 1999 my wife became very ill where she was hospitalized for 7 days with a severe case of Pneumonia. After she was released, her pain was severe and migraine headaches started for the first time ever. That same weekend our outside A/C broke.
We were recommended a great A/C service man who came out quickly. As part of the job, he asked to take a look at the inside unit.
As he did, I explained all that my wife had gone through. He said ” this is your problem right here.” It was mold infested and contaminated because of operating for years with a slow drain. At the time I could not afford a new unit and he allowed me to work for 4 months every day to be able to pay off the new unit. Three weeks after the new unit was installed, the headaches stopped and her health returned. Today she is healthy and happy, thanks to God.
I found passion in staying with him and helping people. I respected the fact that he put the customer’s health and well being  before the money. I learned to do the same. Three years later, through his encouragement, I tested and received my A/C license.  A year later, he handed the business over to me as he retired. He gave the business to me because he trusted me to keep his customers healthy. I did for 17 years.
After both of my daughters moved to the New Braunfels area, I decided to follow their lead and move the business up here. I look forward to serving many more years and the community of New Braunfels and surrounding areas.